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Flag_of_Portugal.svg Portugal (Mainland)
1 to 3 business days
Free in orders over 50
4 in the remaining cases
Flag_of_Madeira.svg Madeira Island - Express Shipping
2 to 5 business days
Shipping cost: 20
Flag_of_Madeira.svg Madeira Island - Normal Shipping
5 to 16 business days
Shipping cost: 15
Flag_of_the_Azores.svg Azores
5 to 16 business days
Free in orders over 300
25 in the remaining cases
Flag_of_Spain.svg Spain
1 to 3 business days
Free in orders over 50
5 in the remaining cases
Flag_of_Europe.svg Europe 1
2 to 5 business days
Free in orders over 150
20 in the remaining cases
  • Flag_of_France.svg France
  • Flag_of_Germany.svg Germany
  • Flag_of_Italy.svg Italy
  • Flag_of_Austria.svg Austria
  • Flag_of_Belgium.svg Belgium
  • Flag_of_Netherlands.svg Netherlands
  • Flag_of_Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg
  • Flag_of_Monaco.svg Monaco
Flag_of_Europe.svg Rest of Europe
3 to 5 business days
Free in orders over 200
25 in the remaining cases
  • Flag_of_Denmark.svg Denmark
  • Flag_of_Finland.svg Finland
  • Flag_of_Greece.svg Greece
  • Ireland
  • Sweden
  • Flag_of_Norway.svg Norway
  • Bulgaria
  • Flag_of_Cyprus.svg Cyprus
  • Flag_of_Croatia.svg Croatia
  • Flag_of_Slovenia.svg Slovenia
  • Estonia
  • Flag_of_Hungary.svg Hungary
  • Latvia
  • Flag_of_Lithuania.svg Lithuania
  • Flag_of_Malta.svg Malta
  • Poland
  • Flag_of_the_Czech_Republic.svg Czech
  • Flag_of_Slovakia.svg Slovakia
  • Flag_of_Romania.svg Romania

Shipping Policy

Shipping of products and deliveries

Products ordered from the online store “NICE KICKS” will be sent and delivered on weekdays, from monday to friday.

We can only ensure proper delivery of an order if the product shipping address is well indicated by “user”, being located this address in a home or office.

A delivery shall be done or a product is considered delivered with signing the delivery receipt at the agreed address.

Shipping Costs and Delivery Deadlines

“NICE KICKS” reserves the right to split the delivery of an order, for example, if a part of the order is delayed or unavailable. If we proceed to an divided order delivery, the customer will be notified by e-mail. For this purpose we will use the email address provided by the customer at the time of purchase.

* Deliveries are free to Portugal on purchases over 25€.

**Deliveries are free for Portugal (Madeira and Azores) on all purchases over 300€.

In all countries of the European Union (except Portugal), orders larger than 5 items or weighing more than 5 Kgs, may have an additional shipping costs (for more info contact: [email protected]).

At the time of delivery, “Buyer” shall inspect the packaging and the products sent in order to check for possible damage. If you find that the products are damaged, the customer should not accept delivery of the order, which must be returned immediately. “NICE KICKS” shall refund the amounts paid by the order and the shipping as soon as it arrives and is received at its headquarters, to complete the return process.

The order is considered accepted by the “Buyer” if, after the arrival of the order, “Buyer” does not return the goods within the following 15 days.

Delivery times for orders

After registering your order, and confirming the payment and all parts of your order are available, “NICE KICKS” undertakes to ship your order by observing, on average, the following delivery times:

– In Portugal, between 1 a 3 business days;

– Madeira and Azores, from 5 a 16 business days;

– In the European Union (except Portugal), approximately 3 business days;

“NICE KICKS” shall not be liable for any breach, or delay in performance, of any obligation to send due to an event of force majeure, that is, an event, act or omission beyond its reasonable control.